Get Out Of Debt

Get Out of Debt

The number of people with serious debt problems is rising sharply – more than 3,000 people were declared bankrupt in 2006, each owing over £100,000 in unsecured loans.

Recently the Consumer Credit Counselling Service, one of the UK’s largest debt charities, warned that the number of people owning more than £100,000 has almost doubled over the past two years.

At the same time, official figures from the Government reveal that the number of people filing for bankruptcyhas reached record levels for the third year in a row.

People in Britain now owe more than an astonishing One Trillion Pounds – and much of this rising debt has been fuelled by a boom in credit cards, store cards and personal loans.

Are you one of the thousands of people currently feeling overwhelmed by the ever increasing cost of living and recent interest rate rises?

Are you suffering with red letters from your bank, demands for higher repayments, missed payments, and too much month left at the end of the money?

Don’t ignore the situation - facing up to a debt problem and making a decision to get out of it is one of the smartest things you can do.

At Expert Homebuyers, we can help you get out of debt byfreeing the capital locked up in your property andenabling you to pay off your debts and get back on the right track.

We will buy your property and rent it back to you, so you don’t have to move out. This allows you to pay off your mortgage and debts, and start living again – free from the debts that have held you back and stopped you from doing things with your life.

With over 17 years experience helping people like you to get out of debt, we have the knowledgeability andprofessionalism to help you achieve your goal. We will listen carefully to your requirements and then work with you to develop a plan for your specific needs - and we’ll help you to escape the burden of debt.

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Expert Homebuyers help you get out of debt


Useful Debt-Help Links

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Some Tips to Help You with Debt Problems

Expert home buyers can help you sell your home to get out of debt

1. Don’t be an Ostrich!

It’s easy to stick your head in the sand and pretend nothing’s wrong – at first. The longer you leave it, the worse things will get – and the harder it will be to escape the problem.

Write down how much you owe and to who. Add up the monthly payments. Then work out your essential payments – mortgage/rent /utility bills / food. Once you know how much you spend on essentials, you know how much remains for you to repay borrowing.

2. Prioritise

Work out which borrowing carries the stiffest penalties – eg missing a mortgage payment may mean losing your home, missing an electric bill may mean loss of electricity.

Repay those debts with the severest penalties first. Bank Overdrafts, Credit and Store Card Debts and HP are lower priority – but still have to be paid.

3. Talk

Contact your lenders to discuss your difficulties making existing payments – you are not the only person with these problems, and lenders have specialist teams to help arrange repayment plans for people struggling. At Expert Homebuyers we can help you organise what to say.

4. Cut up Your Store Cards

Store Cards are one of the most expensive forms of borrowing – with interest rates up to 30-35% APR. Cut them up, and avoid using such expensive forms of credit in future.

5. Use Cash

Take money out of the ATM to cover your expenses, but no more than you need – people tend to spend what’s in their wallets however large or small the amount.

Pay using cash rather than plastic – it’s easy to lose track of spending on plastic, but you notice cash spending much easier.

6. Pay More than the Minimum Payment, and always On-Time

By paying only the minimum amount on your debts each month you spread the debt over a longer period and so pay more interest.

Make sure you make payments before the due date – fines for late payments can be ridiculously high.

7. Get Help

Call our Advisers on 0800 093 4872 today to discover how we can help you pay off your mortgage and debts and start a new life, free from your debt worries.